JustIMAGE Tutorial

We have prepared a series of tutorial videos illustrating how to use the functionality contained in the JustIMAGE suite of modules. Choose a link below to view a tutorial video:

Introduction to JustIMAGE View Video
Editing files with JustIMAGE View Video
Creating posters with JustIMAGE View Video
Exporting Images View Video
Easily create a geological cross-section from a seismic image: View Video
Exporting directly to PowerPoint View Video

Please note that, to reflect the new product names, we are in the process of creating new videos: the current videos still refer to JustCGM rather than JustIMAGE.

If you would like to see a video illustrating other functionality not covered here please

JustPLOT thumbnail

Workgroup Plotting

JustIMAGE Edit thumbnail

Edit Images

JustIMAGE thumbnail

Convert File Types

JustIMAGE montage thumbnail

Create Posters

JustIMAGE optimiser thumbnail

Optimise CGM Files

JustIMAGE Export thumbnail

Export to PowerPoint