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CGM2OUT is a command line tool that converts CGMs into various popular bitmap formats such as TIFF, GIF and PNG at any size or resolution. You can also save to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF output is vector output, including true text support.

CGM2OUT is intended for third-parties to integrate within their software. Licensing is costed per output format.

The CGM file can be saved as:

  • BMP: Windows bitmap format
  • GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
  • JPEG: Joint Photographic Expert Group
  • PBM: Portable Bitmap format (black & white only)
  • PDF: Portable Document Format (vector format)
  • PGM: Portable Graymap format (greyscale only)
  • PPM: Portable Pixelmap format (RGB only)
  • PNG: Portable Network Graphics format
  • SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics format
  • TIFF: Tagged Image File Format

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