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JustIMAGE is used to view, analyse, convert, edit, and print large and complex image file. File formats handled include EMF, PDF, CGM, and CGM+.

It enables high-speed, high-quality, plotting of these files on large format plotters. It also optimises CGM-format files so that they become smaller, more manageable, files but with no loss of data.

JustIMAGE works on Windows and UNIX/Linux systems. The modular design means you can install the functionality you need, and a choice of licensing systems helps you control the availability of the modules as required.

A video is available illustrating the use of JustIMAGE: View Video

See also our document Why JustIMAGE 5.2 (PDF)

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Workgroup Plotting

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Edit Images

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Convert File Types

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Optimise CGM Files

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