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JustPLOT is an enterprise-wide viewing and plotting solution based on the CGM standard, as used in the Oil & Gas, Automotive and Aerospace industries. CGM, CGM+, CGM*PIP and CGM-ATA files can be viewed, manipulated and routed to any plotter available on the enterprise-wide network. Users can interrogate plotter queues and re-submit jobs or reroute jobs to other plotters if desired. The whole plotting system can be centrally managed from one workstation. New plotters can be added without interrupting the flow of the system.

The JustPLOTWeb module additionally provides WWW access to the JustPLOT functions for clients outside the corporate firewall, whether at home or on a remote site.

Justcroft has many years experience with printing CGM graphics on UNIX® systems. This knowledge has been used to develop JustPLOT drivers for most of the major plotters available today. New plotters are being added on a regular basis. The JustPLOT drivers provide high performance output, high quality and consistent output across different plotters, and low resource requirements: JustPLOT can plot amazingly large files using the least amount of printer memory and disk space. Our drivers can handle plots of up to 500 metres in length.

For a list of currently supported plotters and printers, Click Here

The JustPLOT system software can be run on SUN Solaris 10 and LINUX Redhat Enterprise 5+. In addition, the client software can also be run on Microsoft Windows (2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10), including 64-bit versions.