When was the last time you were looking for an image file? You know roughly when it was created, by whom and some idea of its title – but where to start looking among the workstations and servers out there?

Well, help is at hand. We have created JustSEARCH that can help you find that file quickly and easily.

It allows users to retrieve a file by specifying any known attributes without needing to know its location.

These attributes could include -

  • file name (or part of the file name)
  • file type
  • date created
  • date modified
  • creator
  • tag values


Likewise, Users can store their files adding extra attribute values and tags, if they wish, to allow easier retrieval at a later date.

JustSEARCH works by initially creating an Index of all image files held in a given set of locations. These locations could be file-systems, disk arrays, cloud location, etc. For each image file it finds, it stores the precise location of the file, its attributes and a thumbnail of the image.

JustSEARCH is available as a Standalone product or as an Add-on to the JustIMAGE suite.

See our Flyer JustSEARCH.