JustPLOT 4.3.08 Released

21 Dec 2017 Justcroft International is pleased to announce the release of JustPLOT 4.3.08. It adds a large number of improvements to CGM and PDF document handling and SVG output, and support for more printers. (support.justcroft.com)

A large number of improvements made to

  • the CGM interpreter
  • the PDF to vector CGM conversion

Added support for Web browser friendly SVG output from WebCGM files. Including

  • Layers
  • Hot Spot areas
  • Hyperlinks
  • Linkuri
  • Screentips

Added support for the following printers

  • Canon iPF PRO printers: iPF PRO-2000, iPF PRO-4000, iPF PRO-4000S, iPF PRO-6000S, iPF PRO-520, iPF PRO-540, iPF PRO-540S and iPF PRO-560S
  • Canon iPF TX printers: iPF TX-2000, iPF TX-3000, iPF TX-4000, iPF TX-5200, iPF TX-5300 and iPF TX-5400
  • Neuralog 300x

The Windows installation is now digitally signed.

This update is available free of charge to all customers that have a current support and maintenance agreement in place. Customers with Support & Maintenance cover may download this release from our Support Site

The full release notes are available from our support site support.justcroft.com

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