JustIMAGE 5.2.04 Released

7 March 2018 Justcroft International is pleased to announce the release of JustIMAGE 5.2.04. This is a maintenance release with enhancements and bug fixes in most modules.

You do not need to update your JustIMAGE 5.2 license in order to install this release.

This release contains many enhancements which are detailed in the JustIMAGE 5.2 Release Notes found in the Documentation page of the support site.

Of particular interest to Petrel 2017 users: within Petrel 2017 Export Graphics to CGM and PDF is working again when JustIMAGE 5.2.04 is installed.

For further details on the improvements and the different uses of JustIMAGE please see Why JustIMAGE 5.2 (PDF)

Release Notes can be found on the JustIMAGE Documents page on our support website.

This new release is available to download free of charge to all customers that have Support & Maintenance cover in place.

Customers with Support & Maintenance cover may download this release from our Support Site (https://support.justcroft.com).

If you don't already have a Login Username and Password please contact support@justcroft.com to request one.

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