JustIMAGE 5.4 Released

This update to JustIMAGE 5.4 is available to download free of charge to all customers that have Support & Maintenance cover in place. Some of the major improvements are:

  • The Next File and Previous File commands of the Viewer are now based on the directory sorted by file name.
  • EMF Input File Converter improved compatibility with Petrel.
  • PDF improved output compatibility with CorelDRAW.
  • SVG improved text output for languages like Chinese.
  • Added Justcroft driver for Epson SureColor P5000 LLK.
  • Rich text in JustEDIT can now also be searched for text.
  • The opacity of images can be set in JustEDIT allowing what is beneath the image to be visible.
  • Added a "Paste in Place" action to JustEDIT and JustMONTAGE.

Download from our Support Site

Don’t have a Justcroft Support Username and Password? Contact support@justcroft.com to request one.

Note: Your version 5.3 license will not work with this release.
Contact us at sales@justcroft.com to request a new license.