JustIMAGE 5.3.01 Released

This update to JustIMAGE 5.3 is available to download free of charge to all customers that have Support & Maintenance cover in place.
Improvements include:

  1. New Justcroft drivers for Neuralog, HP and Canon:
    • Neuralog Z3 well log printer
    • HP PageWide XL 4000, HP PageWide XL 5000, and HP PageWide XL 8000
    • Canon iPF TM-200, Canon iPF TM-205, Canon iPF TM-300, Canon iPF TM-305, Canon iPF TM-5200, Canon iPF TM-5205, Canon iPF TM-5300, and Canon iPF TM-5305
  2. Improved rich text support in JustMONTAGE and JustEDIT: 
    • Better formatting control over the rich text.
    • Copy & Paste of html snippets now possible.
  3. Improved PDF to vector CGM converter.
  4. WebCGM hotspots support added to the JustIMAGE Viewer.
  5. Various user interface changes and improvements e.g. printer names now in alphabetical order in the print dialog box.
  6. Improved Clear Text CGM support.
  7. Updates of various third-party software.

Download from our Support Site

Don’t have a Justcroft Support Username and Password? Contact support@justcroft.com to request one.