JustIMAGE 5.3.02 Released

This update to JustIMAGE 5.3 is available to download free of charge to all customers that have Support & Maintenance cover in place.
Improvements include:

  1. New Justcroft drivers for Océ and Epson:
    • Océ ColorWave 9000 PS
    • Epson SureColor T3200, SureColor T5200, SureColor T5200D and SureColor T7200D and Epson SureColor P10000.
  2. WebCGM hotspots improvements in the JustIMAGE Viewer.
  3. WebCGM hotspots improvements in the Export module.
  4. Various bug fixes and improvements in SVG and PDF output.
  5. Updated third-party software libraries Qt 5.9.8 and OpenJPEG 2.3.1.
  6. Updated the FlexNet Enabled version of JustIMAGE to FlexNet Publisher 2018 R4 SP1 (FlexNet

Download from our Support Site

Don’t have a Justcroft Support Username and Password? Contact support@justcroft.com to request one.