JustIMAGE 5.3.04 Released

This update to JustIMAGE 5.3 is available to download free of charge to all customers that have Support & Maintenance cover in place.
Improvements include:

  • GNU Zip compressed SVG (SVGZ) in the Export dialog box.
  • PDF TrueType font embedding in the Export dialog box.
  • The browse button (...) behavior in the Export dialog box can be altered to allow you to set not only the directory, but also the file name and file format.
  • Improved license error messages if a module is not available. There are now more and better suggestions depending on the licensing software used. (Justcroft / FlexNet)
  • Gradient fills.
  • The layer visibility is now retained during the conversion.
  • Justcroft drivers for the HP DesignJet T1600, DesignJet T1600dr, DesignJet T1700, DesignJet T1700dr, DesignJet T2600 and DesignJet T2600dr.
  • Justcroft drivers for the HP DesignJet Z6+, DesignJet Z6+dr, DesignJet Z9+, DesignJet Z9+dr, DesignJet Z6610 and DesignJet Z6810.
  • Justcroft drivers for Canon iPF PRO-521, iPF PRO-541, iPF PRO-541S, iPF PRO-561, iPF PRO-561S, iPF PRO-2100, iPF PRO-4100, iPF PRO-4100S, iPF PRO-6100 and iPF PRO-6100S.
  • CGM Optimiser filter profiles for CorelDRAW X7, CorelDRAW X8 and CorelDRAW 2019.
  • Full Pointer Cursor toggle to help with precise positioning of shapes.
  • Quick access to the Grid on/off setting and Snap to Grid on/off setting. (Align toolbar)
  • Quick access to the nudge distance setting. (Align toolbar)
  • Method to lock the mouse axis horizontal or vertical while inserting poly lines or polygons.
  • Report Tool improvements.

Download from our Support Site

Don’t have a Justcroft Support Username and Password? Contact support@justcroft.com to request one.